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Caffè Ristorante Ciampini - Roma

Lunch & Dinner menu

Coffee restaurant Ciampini


Our menu is a tribute to the expertise and culinary flair
of our kitchen that respects the perfect balance
between flavour and aroma.

This is why we only ever use the freshest local products
and finest traditional ingredients.

We hope you will enjoy meal as much as we have
enjoyed preparing it.

The restaurant Ciampini Terrace exclusively uses extra
virgin olive oil and eggs from organic farming.

All the raw materials, selected daily, are of the highest quality.

Caffè Ristorante Ciampini


  • Mixed vegetables antipasto € 12,00

    grilled, boiled, gratinéed1

  • Parma ham and melon € 16,00
  • Smoked Ham of Cormons € 22,00

    with buffalo mozzarella7 -

  • Eggplant balls3,1 € 16,00

    with rocket salad and tomato sauce

  • Bresaola with rocket salad and parmesan flakes7 € 16,00
Caffè Ristorante Ciampini

Seafood Starters

  • Mixed seafood Antipasto2,4 € 22,00

    boiled octopus, potatoes, squid, prawns

  • Seafood salad with octopus4 and cuttlefish4 € 18,00
  • Prawns in Kataifi1,2 and honey dressig € 22,00
  • Smoked Salmon4 Norwegian smoked € 22,00

    with avocado and grapefruit

  • Sauteed mussel14 € 18,00

    with croutons1

  • Tuna tartare4 € 22,00

    with basil and balsamic vinegar12

Caffè Ristorante Ciampini


  • Prawns Salad2 - € 22,00

    with avocado cream and salmon eggs

  • Caesar salad € 16,00

    with chicken, Grana-cheese7, croutons7 , bernaise3,8

  • Ciampini € 14,00

    mixed salad, pinenuts8 , grana7, nuts8, olives, vinaigrette10 (mustard, honey, lemon juice)

Caffè Ristorante Ciampini

First Courses

  • Tonnarelli1,3 Ciampini € 14,00

    cheese, pepper and cherry tomatoes

  • Gnocchi1,3 € 14,00

    with pesto7,8, buffalo mozzarella,7, pine nuts8 and dried tomatoes

  • Gnocchi1,3 € 14,00

    with tomato and buffalo mozzarella7

  • Mezze maniche1 alla amatriciana € 14,00

    with pork cheek and pecorino-cheese7

  • Fettuccine1,3 € 16,00

    with green beans, pork cheek and pecorino-cheese7

  • Spaghetti1 allo scoglio2,4,14 € 24,00

    with tomato concassé

  • Spaghetti1 with clams14 € 19,00
  • Ravioli1,3 ai frutti di mare2,4,14 € 22,00

    stuffed with cod fish and prawns

  • Tonnarelli with lobster1,2,3 € 28,00

    with tomato concassé

Caffè Ristorante Ciampini

Main courses of meat

  • Beef chateaubriand 500gr (for 2 people) € 58,00

    with sautéed chicory and baked potatoes

  • Tartare of beef fillet 280gr € 28,00
  • Roastbeef € 18,00

    with baked potatoes and mustard sauce10

  • Veal cheek9 € 18,00

    with mashed potatoes

  • Grilled beef fillet 300gr € 26,00

    with seasonal vegetables

  • Beef sirloin 300gr € 22,00

    with seasonal vegetables

  • Scottona Chianina burger € 16,00

    with sweet and sour onion and baked potetoes

Caffè Ristorante Ciampini

Main courses of fish

  • Sicilian4 Swordfish € 24,00

    with tomato sauce, capers and anchovies

  • Little grilled Tuna fillet4 - € 24,00

    with caramelized onion on fresh tomato sauce

  • Grilled sea bass fillet4 - € 21,00

    with seasonal vegetables

  • Tuna Chateaubriand4 - 450 gr (for 2 people) € 63,00

    with aubergines, courgettes and baked potatoes

  • Turbot fillet4 with potato crust €24,00

    with seasonal vegetables

  • Creamed Codfish4 with prawns2 and olive paté € 18,00
  • Grilled Scallops14 - € 18,00

    with crispy bacon and pea cream

Caffè Ristorante Ciampini

Side Dishes

  • Mixed salad € 6,00
  • Baked potatoes € 6,00
  • French fries* € 6,00
  • Sautéed chicory with garlic, oil and chili pepper € 7,00
  • Boiled spinach € 7,00
  • Grilled eggplant € 7,00
  • Grilled peperoni € 7,00
  • Grilled zucchini € 7,00

The numbers next to the products refer to the allergen page

Caffè Ristorante Ciampini
  • Bread for person € 2,00
Caffè Ristorante Ciampini

Home-Made Desserts

  • Tiramisù1,3,7 classic or with sour cherries € 7,50
  • Cheesecake1,3,7,8 cake € 7,50

    wildberries, chocolate or pine nuts and caramel sauce

  • Tarte tatin1,3,7 € 7,50

    with vanilla ice cream, whipped-cream and caramel sauce

  • Millefoglie1,3,7with chantilly cream and strawberries € 7,50
  • Crème brûlèe1,3,7 € 7,50
  • Apple crumble1,7 € 7,50
  • Pears pie with almond cream1,3,7,8 - € 7,50

    with vanilla ice cream

Caffè Ristorante Ciampini

Homemade Ice Creams From 1945

  • Tartufo Ciampini
    di Marco Ciampini dal 1945
    € 10,00
  • Cassata Siciliana3,7 € 9,00

    semifreddo with cream, chocolate ice cream, candied fruit, whipped cream

  • Torta zabaione3,7 € 9,00

    semifreddo with chocolate and zabaione, whipped cream

  • Ikebana di fragole3,7 € 9,00

    vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and strawberries

  • Strawberries with black pepper3,7,8 € 10,00

    vanilla ice cream, strawberries, black pepper and anisette liqueur

  • Banana split3,7,8 € 10,00

    vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut ice cream, whipped crem

  • Ananas boat7,8 € 10,00

    with lemon, strawberries, pistachio ice cream, whipped cream

  • Pesca melba3,7 € 10,00

    vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, canned peaches

  • Fantasia dei tropici7 € 10,00

    fruit salad with lemon, strawberries, banana ice cream, whipped cream

  • Mantecati misti3,7,8 small cup € 7,00

    cream, chocolate, zabaione, pistachio, stracciatella, hazelnuts, milk,
    coffee, marron glacè, malaga, lemon, strawberries, banana, wildberries, coconut...

  • Mantecati misti3,7,8 large cup € 9,00

    cream, chocolate, zabaione, pistachio, stracciatella, hazelnuts, milk,
    coffee, marron glacè, malaga, lemon, strawberries, banana, wildberries, coconut...

  • Cremolato € 9,00

    coffee, lemon, strawberries, wildberries, apple...

Caffè Ristorante Ciampini

Waters menu

"Water is sometimes sharp and sometimes strong,
sometimes acid and sometimes bitter,
sometimes sweet and sometimes hick or thin,
sometimes it is seen bringinghurt or pestilence,
sometimes healthgiving, sometimes poisonous.
It sufferschange into as many natures as are
the different places through which it passes "
- Leonardo da Vinci -

Caffè Ristorante Ciampini
  • LAURETANA Still/Sparkling € 4,00

Lauretana is premium brand in the Beverage world thanks to its purity. The water comes from the hydrogeological area of Monte Rosa glacier, 4.600 meters high dominating the border between Italy and Switzerland, it is situated in an unpolluted area more than 1000 meters above sea level, without any industrial and agricultural settlements.

The purity of this gift from Mother Nature is also enriched by another crucial geological factor: indeed before seeing the light Lauretana water flows underground, very deeply, passing through an ancient granite bed which protects all its organoleptic qualities, maintaining it microbiologically pure.

The granite rocks do not release mineral salts so that they determine in this way the low fixed residue (14 mg/l) which gives Lauretana its undisputed lightness.
To preserve this purity in the best way and deliver it intact to our customers, Lauretana water is bottled not far from the source, through a process of “natural gravity“ which permits not to alter or destroy its vital molecules. In other words: Lauretana gushes out pure and its customers receive it in all its purity to be the source of their well-being.

Caffè Ristorante Ciampini
  • ROCCHETTA Still/ Brio Blue € 4,00

Rocchetta was born in the heart of Umbria.

Rocchetta was born in the heart of Umbria. Rocchetta is a hyptonic natural water. Characterized by its low content of mineral salts (fixed residue at 180° C 181.6 mg/l), it is rapidly absorbed in the digestive system and just as quickly conveyed to the kidney where it stimulates diuresis.

It is a particulary “light” water also due to its low sodium content (only 3.87 mg/l compared to the 3000/7000 mg allowed in a standard diet) which normalizes the hydrosaline exchange, stimulating the removal of the connective tissue from the excess sodium, which favors the onset of cellulite and localized adiposity.

The use of mineral water (such as Rocchetta) for their triple action of increasing urinary flow, stimulation of ureter contractility and control of urinary density, are recommendet for all type of stones.

Caffè Ristorante Ciampini
  • 'ULIVETO' Sparkling € 4,00

Uliveto mineral water is a medium-mineralized “natural effervescent” water.

The unrepeatable secret of this water is all in the perfect ratio of its components (bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium and sulphates) which give it biological activities useful for the well-being of the body in particular, in the treatment of particular conditions such as gastrointestinal disorders. These capabilities and properties of water of water areproven by scientific studies.

Bicarbonated waters (such as Uliveto) promote digestion, accelerte gastric emptying if drunk with meals and have a buffering effect an gastric acidity.

Caffè Ristorante Ciampini
  • SEMERALDINA Still/Sparkling € 4,00

Smeraldina natural artesian water originates from Sardinia, an island known everywhere for its natural beauty, its ancient traditions and the high number centenarians.

Its source is located in Gallura, far from major cities, industries and other pollution sources, where air is made clear and fresh by steady winds, strong enough to bend oak and mould rocks.

Smeraldina originates from here, three hundred meters deep, in the pristine heart of a mountain that was considered sacred by the ancients: Monti di Deu, the Mountain of God.

The planet's purest and compact granite filters and enriches Smeraldina water through a very long natural process, giving it oustanding properties.

Caffè Ristorante Ciampini

We inform our customers
that food and beverages prepared and administered here, can contain
ingredients or adjuvants considered allergens

List of allergenic ingredients used in this place and present
Annex II of the UE Reg.No.1169/2011 “substances or productscausing allergies or intolerances”

1 Gluten
2 Crustaceans
3 Eggs
4 Fish
5 Peanuts
6 Soy
7 Milk
frutta a guscio
8 Nuts
9 Celery
10 Mustard
11 Sesame
anidride solforosa
12 Sulfur dioxide
13 Lupin
14 Molluscs
1 Cereal containing gluten, i.e. Wheat,rye, barley, oat, emmer, kamut, their derivative strains and by-products
2 Crustaceans and products based on shellfish
3 Eggs and by-products
4 Fish and products based on fish
5 Peanuts and peanut-based products
6 Soy and soy-based products
7 Milk and dairy products (lactose included)
8 Fruit in shell, i.e. Almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew, pecan, Brazil, pistachios, macadamia nuts or Queensland nuts and their by-products.
9 Celery and products based on celery
10 Mustard and mustard-based products
11 Sesame seeds and sesame seeds-based products
12 Sulphur dioxide and sulphites in concentrations above 10mg/kg
13 Lupine and lupine-based products
14 Molluscs and products based on molluscs

The information about the presence of substances or products causing allergies or intolerances can be provided by the staff in service and you can consul the relevant documentation that will be given request.

The fish that is supposed to be eaten row and uncooked, according to some recepies, is always complitely
subjected to treatment trough blast chiller, as established by the REG.CE.853/04 attachment III, section VIII,
chapter 3, letter D, point 3.
In the absence of the fresh product, some ingredients could be frozen.

Caffè Ciampini

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